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Let Us C – 14th Edition by Yashavant P. Kanetkar

৳ 140.00

Lee McGregor’s Synopsis of Surgical Anatomy A. Lee McGregor Ed: 12th

৳ 280.00

Surgical Short Cases for the MRCS Clinical Examination C. Parchment Smith Ed: 2002

৳ 0.00

Atlas of General Surgery Hugh Dudley Ed: 2nd, 1988

৳ 5,450.00

Apex Short Practice of Surgery Color Atlas Dr.Javed Yousuf Ed: 4th

৳ 680.00

Kirklin Barratt Boyes Cardiac Surgery Nicholas T. Kouchoukos Ed: 4th

৳ 31,950.00

SRB’s Manual of Surgery (Color) Sri Ram Bhat M Ed: 6th

৳ 430.00

Hamilton Bailey’s Demonstrations of Physical Signs in Clinical Surgery (Color) John S P Lumley Ed: 19th

৳ 530.00

Long Cases in Surgery Dr.Md.Shahidul Islam Ed: 2nd, 2013

৳ 380.00

img Essential Practice of Surgery Alfred Cuschieri Ed: 5th

৳ 7,950.00

Dilip Sir’s Notes For FCPS Surgery (Volume-1-17) Dr.Dilip K Nath

৳ 1,750.00

SRB’s Clinical Method In Surgery Sri Ram Bhat M Ed: 3rd

৳ 1,450.00

Browse’s Introduction to the Symptoms and Signs of Surgical Disease Norman L. Browse Ed: 5th

৳ 580.00

A Manual on Clinical Surgery (Color) S. Das Ed: 14th

৳ 520.00

SRB’s Manual of Surgery Sri Ram Bhat M Ed: 6th

৳ 1,950.00

The Washington Manual of Surgery (South Asian) Ed: 7th

৳ 1,950.00

Contemporary Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery James R. Hupp Ed: 6th

৳ 330.00

Anantomosis Surgery Viva Guide Dr. Md. Sadiq-Ul-Islam Ed: 3rd

৳ 280.00

Royal Surgical Handicraft Dr. Redhwan Ed: 2nd

৳ 480.00

Textbook of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery S M Balaji Ed: 2nd

৳ 0.00

Bedside Clinics in Surgery Makhan Lal Saha Ed: 3rd, 2018

৳ 1,050.00

Essential Surgery ENT & EYE with Colour Atlas Dr. M. A. Matin Ed: 14th

৳ 280.00

Neuron Surgery for Written SAQ, MCQ & Viva Paper -1 Dr. Md. Tanvir Islam Ed: 3rd

৳ 0.00

Neuron Surgery Paper-2 Dr. S. M. Mosharraf Hossain

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